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the pot calling the kettle black! In spite of what you may have heard elsewhere, Loren wrote the original Resonant Field Theory forty years ago at age thirteen. The heart of this device is their "Rainmaker Matrix" in which a "toroidal vortex" contains "Silica spheres are intentionally charged with beneficial electromagnetic frequencies during every step of the manufacturing process. In the rather long page below, I try to present a critical examination of some of the claims about the nature and action of these fictional structure-altered waters sAW in the context of the science as I believe it is presently known and understood.

betaalde sex

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And anyone who has passed first-year Chemistry should be able to seks jobs nl explain why. Normal tap water and distilled water have readings of around 128 Hz Prof. Panguitch poppycock Panguitch, UT is a sadly dying town near Bryce Canyon that desperately needs some economic revitalization, but perhaps not at the expense of having its good name associated with absurdities like this plug for "Panguitch water " This special water averages.4 nanometer. Changes the pH, either raising or lowering it without adding anything to the water. In addition, cattle, quail, chickens and other animals that are given Willard Water to drink are plumper and more healthy.

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